Our competences in the disciplines of resource management, climate protection and adaption, transport and mobility, environmental economics and municipal economy and infrastructure are as follows:


Professional competences

  • Technological infrastructure systems with the sectors water, wastewater, electricity, heat, cold, waste and transportation
  • Near natural infrastructure systems with the sectors green and blue infrastructure
  • Coupling of technological and natural infrastructure systems and sectors
  • Contribution to integrated urban development concepts (Integrierte Stadtentwicklungskonzepte, ISEK)
  • Short range mobility and accessibility


Methodological competences

  • Techno-economic analysis and prognoses (population, economy, environment)
  • Material-flow analysis and modelling (resource management)
  • Integrated assessment methods, i.e. cost-benefit analysis, eco-efficiency analysis
  • Dialogue and cooperation processes


Scientific competences

  • Adaptation (transformation) of water infrastructures to new challenges
  • Internalisation of environmental and resource costs
  • Functioning of technical infrastructures in spatial development
  • Advanced wastewater treatment by near natural methods (soil filter)
  • Integration of research and practice through inter- and transdisciplinary working methods
  • Promotion of scientific offspring (lectureships, master’s theses and doctorates)

COOPERATIVE Infrastructure and Environment
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